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Sounds Relating to Trains in Japan.

Melody signs on stations (almost around Tokyo).
In Japan since the last of 80th, melodies for departuring sign, cautioning of coming trains, and so on have been used, especially around Tokyo.There are such sounds,some melodies are collected by myself with gathering suspicious sights by others ;-), in this linked pages.

Sorry,I do not have much time to write this page in any other languages except Japanese ;-).If someone want to translate or rewrite or write from scratch,please tell me.

Some melodies,heard in riding trains(Ex.Motor sound of train cars, and so on.)
Chimes for attentions.
On this page Chimes used in trains for attention are gathered.
For a example when Shinkansen departures Tokyo station,a chime was used for attention before announcements.
Miscellaneous sounds in and around trains
Searching for train line/station music using a clickable map
This page can not be seen with a graphical browser (Ex. W3, Lynx etc..).
Constructing the original Announcement at the Shinkansen
Here you can make your original announcement,which does not have to exist in the real. You only have to select some items on your own way,so you can get your original announcement :-).

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