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Here is the Trains sounds page.

In this page Trains sounds,(some think that they are very noisy ,other think that they are very fun.:-) )are offered.
  • The Ministry of Railways's car
  • JNR(Japanese National Railways)'s cars
  • JR West's cars
  • JR East's cars
  • JR Center's cars
  • Subway in Tokyo
  • Osaka city subway's cars
  • Other

  • Ministry of Railway's car

    EC 12053's sound

    JNR's cars

    DC-35 (Asagiri@Tokyo-BBS)
    DC 47
    Electoric-car 101(Asagiri@Tokyo-BBS)
    Elec. car 103
    103-185(using MT55)
    Elec-car 113
    Elec 205
    This type was made from 1985.
    ELC 201(Tachikawa〜 Kokubunji)
    ELC 207

    In JR-West

    EC 223-0(Asagiri@tokyoBBS)
    EC 223-1000(Asagiri@tokyo-BBS)

    In JR-East

    EC E501's accellating sound
    EC E501's deccelatiing sound
    EC 209-900
    EC 209-910
    EC E217(Asagiri@tokyoBBS)
    EC 701(Asagiri@tokyoBBS)
    EC 205(minor changed type)
    EC 719
    DC 35-159(Changed engines and powered up)


    EC 373(used in Tokai)(NSE@TokyoBBS)
    EC 300(Mainly used "Nozomi" in Tokaido Shinkansen
    DC 75(Used around Nagoya)

    Metro in Tokyo

    EC 01(Ginza Line)(Asagiri@TokyoBBS)
    EC 02(Marunouti line) Contoroled by VVVF invertor
    EC 03(Controled by Chopper)(AO-Chan@TokyoBBS)
    EC 03(Controled by VVVF invertor)(AO-Chan@tokyoBBS)
    EC 06(Chiyoda line)
    EC 6000(Controled in VVVF)(Asagiri@TokyoBBS)

    The sounds of cars in Osaka City Subway

    OsakaCitySubway Type-20
    Osaka City Subway Type 60
    Kita Osaka Kyuko Type 8000

    Sounds of cars using in Other railways

    The office of Traffic of Tokyo Type 5300(Asakusa Line)(Asagiri@Tokyo-BSS)
    Tokyo Kyuko Type 1000(Asagiri@TokyoBBS)
    Tokyo Kyuko Type 9000(Asagiri@TokyoBBS)
    Tokyo Kyuko Type 7700
    Tokyo Kyuko Type 7600(Asagiri@Tokyo-BBS)
    The sounds of the cars of Tokyo Kyuko.

    Odawara Kyuko ELC 2000(Asagiri@Tokyo-BBS)
    Odakyu(an abberavation of Odawawa Kyuko) ELC 1000
    Odakyu 7000(NSE@TokyoBBS)
    Hankyu ELC Type 8000
    Tobu Type 3070(ELC)(Asagiri@TokyoBBS)
    Tobu 10080 (VVVF controled car)(Asagiri@TokyoBBS)
    Tobu 20000(Ao-chan@TokyoBBS)
    Tobu 20050(Asagiri@TokyoBBS)
    Tobu 100(For the Express "Spacia")
    Senboku Kosoku line 5000
    Nankai 6000
    It's called "C-Flyer".

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